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It’s hard to look up when you’re down, but FTS! We’re building resilience through G.R.I.T!

Imagine yourself strong, resilient, and MF’n FULL of JOY!

Let’s get right to it, then. Building resiliences can be messy and uncomfortable! It all starts with finding your tribe. You want to make sure you have people around you that fix your crown without telling you it was crooked. You want those that give you heart-felt advice and hold you accountable when you fall off. Right?

I’ll be real with you ..

Before the pandemic I was really questioning my circle of friends! I was seeking advice from people who have not been where I have been and that was self sabotage! It wasnt until I literally let go of individuals who were stagnate, shady and HATERS that I realized that there is a whole community of Queens out here who support, value and encourgae me without it feeling like a transaction!

G.R.I.T was created to be a place to build intentional relationships with other Queens that are CONSISTENT with their Self-care and self discovery with grace! We are stonger and more RESILIENT together!

My point is that you have the power to create your own sisterhood and I believe that the Resilient Roots Tribe it a good place to find like minded Queens who are dedicated to self-care, self love and building intentional supportive communities for us all!

We are strong

We are brave

We are connected

We are resilient like our roots!

Join the Tribe @

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