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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Lets just say I fell into the Princess Complex and never grew out of it. I grew up thinking that one day my Knight in shinning armor was going to sweep me off my feet and bring me back to his castle on the hill and I would live happily ever after wearing Baby Phat track suits all day.

BULL SHIT! It never happened and F@CK Princess Movies.

This is a culturally enforced narcissistic delusion, that causes women to expect praise and special favors instead of healthy mutally benificail realtionships.

After aging out of foster care with little to no support I just wanted somone to SAVE ME! To love me and choose me everyday. It didnt matter if it was bare minimal or fake love. A little was better than nothing and most importantly I wasnt alone anymore.

This need for outside authentic love and affection truned into codependecy and opression that became intimate partner violence.

I made a choice to be homeless and leave the castle we bought togther. Leaving everything behind and starting completely over was the hardest desision I ever made. However, that decision I made for me saved my life!

I became my own SHERO! How? Ill tell you!

I started making my own money! I strated watching other Bad B*tches who were rasied with standards, cultivated confidence and understood what self love really is.

Self love is is your SUPER POWER!!! When we start loving ourselves the way we intend to love others we can attract that same love we give to ourselves in our intentional relationships.

We do not love ourself because we are selfish. We love ourselves so that we know our worth and increase our worth and attract that same love that we give to self.

When I realized that I loved myself more. I started accepting less BS. I started to see value in alone time. I started to see my soulmate in my own reflection and I became my own MF'n HERO!!

If you are experienceing intimate partner violance please contact the local YWCA

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