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I am resilient

like my roots.

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Resilient Roots Yoga exists to provide a safe space for survivors to heal as we change the narrative of our lives through positive “ I am” affirmations, guided meditation and  movement. 


Meet the Creator

 Through her own struggles, Kayla has learned that wellness is a constant, ever-changing journey which we manifest through our daily work to heal ourselves and those around us on a holistic level.  It is through her own healing journey that she became inspired to create holistic healing services that are accessible to all and hold space for others to actualize their own healing.

Client Testimonials

Find Your Tribe and Thrive.


Client 1

“Kayla is an amazing yoga instructor. Professional, sensitive, and in tune to the vibe of the class. I’d recommend Resilient Roots to anyone/organization who is looking for some fabulous self-care (really anyone, but especially women or women of color).” 

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