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Rest, Restore, Reorganize

Holistic Healing Retreat

Yoga & Meditation Retreat is a three-day Inclusive experience

July  11th-12th-13th


An all-inclusive spiritual yoga retreat dedicated to women who are entirely new to Yoga and those with a consistent practice. It is a setting where women can grow, practice, and learn Yoga/ Meditation/ healing practices in a community environment.  We will utilize the beautiful nature of west Michigan, so that we will be able to connect with our minds, bodies, and spirits through yoga and meditation practices. For many, Yoga is an ancient wellness practice. Yoga is a calling that goes beyond our physical; when we answer, we wake up to our higher selves. Resilient Roots Yoga & Meditation Retreat will provide a sanctuary for a union of our bodies, minds, and spirits through the revolutionary practice of self-love.  



Creating a pathway to become Mind-ful, Spirit-full, Body-ful 


Anyone who would like to learn how to rebalance their mind, body, and spirit in a way that supports optimal health, peak performance, and overall rejuvenation. If you are feeling the strain of exhaustion, join us in learning evidence-based tools for relaxing, relating, and releasing to increase your resilience to life’s stressors. 


Holistic Workshops & Sessions


  • Silent & Guided Meditations
    With a group of like minded and melanated yoginis, you will explore self enlightenment, freedom and inner peace. Our meditations are there to guide you to a higher level of consciousness that promotes a spirit filled with vitality. We want you to vibrate higher into a space of peacefulness that is motivated by the calmness of the true treasure of yoga: pranayama. By entering into a daily meditative practice, we hope to guide each other away from the myopic shackles of a modern racist society and into the peacefulness of spiritual knowledge.

  • Winter Bon Fire
    Burn After Writing, stretch , share stories around Bon fire night.

  • Silent Time
    ​There will be periods of silent time during the retreat. During silent time the women will tune into theirown energy. The goal of silent time is to allow the women to self-reflect and to relax the mind without any distractions. This is a meditative retreat so we practice calmness and allowing ourselves to tune within.

  • Journey Through the Chakras

The Chakras are an ancient system for understanding energy centres in the physical and spiritual body. This workshop will include education on the energetic chakra system, specific yoga postures, and essential oils to open, awaken and balance each of your chakras. 



***all activities may be subject to change***


Shared accommodation at a beautiful lake front Log Cabin Style Airbnb in Evert Michigan.  

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday
This is for anyone who is currently a vegan and for those interested in exploring a vegan lifestyle. Delicious vegan meals made with local organic fruits and vegetables will be provided.  herbal teas, juices, superfoods, and smoothies to ​nourish, balance, and heal.

Lunch Saturday and Sunday 
Delicious lunch will be provided!

​ Dinner Friday and Saturday
Fill your belly with delicious  holistic meals to nurture the mind, body, and spirit with our delicious ​family dinners.

All meals made with quality ingredients, made with love.

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