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We Are Collecting Resilience Stories 

Forgotten Memoirs: Ten Stories of Resilience & Moving Forward Together  is a collection of stories from contributors of all backgrounds such as ethnicities, professional standings, educational levels and personal goals. They have all come together to share their own testimonials of over coming physical, mental and spiritual hardships 

This book will inspire anyone interested in normalizing healing while navigating Mental Health, Trauma, Survival Mode, Burn Out and Isolation. This book  will help you face these difficulties with a stronger sense of community and power-packed perspective. 

A portion of all proceeds will go to A  Nonprofit in Grand Rapids Michigan which supports our community.

The heart of  this the project has been collecting stories from fellow survivors and Change Makers.  The additional goals for this project have been to:

1. Collect relevant and timely stories about Normalizing Mental Health, Trauma, Resilience and Healing Journeys. 

2. Provide a hands-on resource for students to gain valuable professional development experience, mentorship, and explore their own resiliency as they prepare to enter the workforce.

3. Share these stories within the framework of resilience to enhance planning practices and procedures. 

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 Forgotten Memoirs Book Cover_edited.jpg


Jan 25th - March 30th 2023 

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