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When I am afraid I fall off....

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

"I'll tell you what freedom to me is. No fear." - Nina Simone

It's the top of the year and every one is asking about consistency with their movement practice. If it's yoga, weight lifting, dance or zumba we all know that you do not get results with out consistency. But, how do we stay consistent while balancing our mental health, roles as activists, parents, healers, CEOs, head of household ect..?


Take a deep breath.

Be real with your self.

Figure out why you fell off. Next time you won't stay down as long....

When I am afraid I fall off and start to worry. I worry about my place in the false hierarchy and I start to live in my colonized fixed mindset of scarcity, shame and the illusion of fear. When I fall off, I throw my self care plan out of the window and I start comparing myself to others. I lable myself. I over think every conversation, interaction and thought. This leads me into being ungrateful for what I have. I minimize my accomplishments and I struggle for worthiness.

Falling off can be be disappointing and you may regret the decisions you made when you were in this state of mind. However, I am here in all vulnerability to show you that you are not alone. Set backs are apart of the human experience. learning what your "triggers" and patterns are can help you pause and reflect on your decisions, behaviors and responses to them.


Getting up and continuing to be consistent after falling back into a fixed mindset or old programming is the act of resilience. When you can get up 10 time after being knocked down 9 you have learned the process of Grounding yourself. Taking time to rest and challenging your inner narratives so that you can transform into your glow up.

Movement is not the only way to practice wellness and self-care. There are eight limbs to whole hearted wellness. Include these into your 2022 Self Care plan.

  1. Social- Friends who love you for who you are NOW. Spend time with your kids.

  2. Occupational- healthy and safe work environment

  3. Financial- Budgeting, saving, mindful spending, ensure that your bills are taken care of for the next month and for the life style you desire

  4. Environmental- Keeping your home clean and free of clutter, Respect the earth

  5. Spiritual- Meditation, Establishing/revising core values/purpose

  6. Emotional - Social Media Detox, Affirmations, talking about it, recognize, accept and let go.

  7. Intellectual - Learn a new skill, read/listen to a new book or TEDtalk

  8. Physical- Accepting your body the way it is NOW. Eat cleaner and then focus on movement that challenges you.

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